4 Refugees welcomeThe Board of Deputies’ leadership has promised the Jewish community’s help in resettling Syrian refugees and tackling Islamophobia, in a meeting with Home Secretary Teresa May on Monday.

Board President Jonathan Arkush said the refugee crisis had a “historic resonance”’ for the Jewish community and welcomed the involvement of Watford MP Richard Harrington, who will take a lead on the resettlement plan. 

Arkush also offered the Board’s support in “developing constructive engagement with Muslim communities” aimed at tackling anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of extremism. 

Concerns were raised about recent anti-Semitic demonstrations in Golders Green and Liverpool, as well as online racismhatred online, but Arkush said May was “an empathetic and conscientious supporter of the fight against the threats we face”. 

The Home Secretary in turn said she “greatly values the support of Britain’s Jewish community in overcoming some of the biggest challenges”.