The Board of Deputies has launched a new “non-blinkered” teaching guide for Judaism in GCSE Religious Studies.

Authored by Limmud co-founder Clive Lawton, the 140-page document is designed to help teachers and aims to be the “definitive resource” providing an “unbiased description of the diversity within the Jewish community and highlighting the issues of most importance”.

The resource tells teachers that Liberal Judaism is “the most radical wing of UK religious Jewry,” Reform Judaism is “more reluctant to institute change,” while the Charedim “reject changes in gender roles, fashion and permissiveness”.

It deals with issues like observing Shabbat (Sabbath) and the laws of kashrut (kosher food), with Lawton explaining that ostrich is actually less kosher than pork.

Lawton said: “This resource achieves a rare double – it is authentically from within the tradition (in this case Judaism) but it is not blinkered or confessional. GCSE pupils and teachers alike can be utterly confident that the material offered is both accurate and delivered at a level suitable for exam success.”

Board of Deputies vice president Sheila Gewolb said: “Teachers and students alike will find this book a most valuable, informative and authentic tool in the journey towards an in-depth understanding of Judaism.”