BNP leader Nick Griffin

BNP leader Nick Griffin

The leader of the British National Party has defended a BNP video using kids to blame “heartless Zionists” for sending British troops into foreign battle.

Nick Griffin said he “stood by every word” of the campaign film, which used children including his own daughter to deliver a message of hate.

As well as blasting “militant homosexuals who bring down marriage,” the youngsters are heard blaming Zionists for “the ongoing attempt to eradicate the British culture and the British identity”.

The campaign video then features a boy saying Zionists “send our soldiers to fight and die for private profit”.

Appearing on TV, Griffin said that the children wrote the script themselves but that “everything they said is true”.

BNP youth in the campaign video

BNP youth in the campaign video

But despite denying that the words were his, there were strong echoes of Griffin’s own language during a Twitter outburst last month, in which he said: “Ignorance of Zionist manipulation of politics makes it easier for them to drag us into their wars.”

Asked by a Sky News interviewer whether he meant Jews when he said Zionists, Griffin replied: “No I don’t, I mean for instance your boss [Rupert Murdoch], he’s not Jewish but he’s very pro-Zionist.”

He denied being anti-Semitic and accused the interviewer of seeking to confuse this with anti-Zionism.

However, the Barnet-born BNP chairman recently rubbished election rivals UKIP for “chasing kosher funding,” declaring that “only the BNP will ban ritual slaughter!”

Watch the campaign video here: