Three billboards appeared outside Labour HQ this morning, in a campaign to remind the party of action it must take to tackle anti-Semitism.

Inspired by Oscar-nominated film ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ the initiative was launched by Jewish activists, who call themselves the ‘Community United against Labour Party Antisemitism’, or Culpa.

They raised thousands of pounds in a crowdfunding campaign involving 130 donors, with adverts appearing around Westminster between 8am and 4pm today.

The ads were driven on a route including Victoria Street, where the party’s headquarters are located, as well as past Parliament Square, Westminster Bridge, Lambeth Palace Road, York Road, Belvedere Road, Millbank, Lambeth Bridge, Whitehall, Strand, and Waterloo Bridge.

The three billboards carry the messages: “Holocaust deniers harboured by Labour”, “failure to act on antisemitism” and “Institutional antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour”.

The campaign was launched by Labour members and activists, as well as those who have left the party over the last three years following the eruption of the anti-Semitism crisis under Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has faced criticism over an alleged failure to counter a proliferation of anti-Semitic rhetoric in the party’s ranks.

CULPA spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said “This is a grassroots action borne of intense frustration at the lack of action by Jeremy Corbyn. There is no indication that he takes antisemitism seriously. No recognition that for Jews antisemitism is not just a matter of bad behaviour, it is a matter of survival. If he is is unwilling or unable to deliver on the fight against antisemitism, then Labour must find someone who can.”

The group raised £4,665 in total – with excess funds being donated to the Campaign Against Antisemitism.

On Tuesday, parliament is set to hold general debate on anti-Semitism in the afternoon, which was confirmed by Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom following the Enough Is Enough rally, against anti-Semitism in Labour.