Benjamin Netanyahu

A major Berlin department store has apologised for its ‘rash’ removal of wines made in the Golan Heights.

KaDeWe pulled eight wines labelled ‘made in Israel’ after a European Union ruling meant they were no longer allowed to claim as much. New labels are being printed.

Israel’s prime minister is accused the department store of a “boycott” after it removed the products.

Benjamin Netanyahu noted Sunday that Berlin’s KaDeWe department store was once owned by Jews before the Nazis seized it. He says its decision to label products from Israeli communities and remove them from its shelves is “a boycott in every respect”.

Netanyahu said it was morally and historically unacceptable and called on the German government, which opposed the product labelling, to act on the matter.

The EU decision to begin labelling products originating in the settlements has infuriatedIsrael, which says the move is unfair and discriminatory, and has linked it to a growing international boycott movement