This year’s BBC1 Pesach programme draws comparisons between the ancient Jews who fled Egypt and French Jews who have moved to Britain to escape anti-Semitism, writes Jacqueline Gordon.

The show, which airs on 26 April, focuses on St Johns Wood synagogue, which now holds services in French.

Some 8,000 Jews have fled France since the 2015 Charli Hebdo and kosher deli attacks.

Called Never Again: Fear and Faith in Paris, the programme gives insight into life as a European Jew and resettling in the London Jewish community.

Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s head of religion and ethics, said: “It is a very apt story that will resonate with a Jewish audience who understand the whole concept of being in exile; but for a wider audience it presents a story that hasn’t yet been told.”

“People are leaving France because of the rising anti-Semitism which is clearly an issue, and social economic issues such as for work. There is an exile element there but a different exile element in place to that faced by Jews in ancient Egypt. There is not a direct comparison but there is a similarity.”

  •  Never Again: Fear and Faith in Paris will be shown at 9pm on BBC One on Tuesday 26 April.