Baroness Ros Altmann flew into New York City’s Orthodox community last week with a defiant message: “Being frum hasn’t stopped me.”

Baroness Altmann

Baroness Altmann

Altmann, currently a Minister at the Department for Work and Pensions, joined Jew in the City’s Fourth Annual Orthodox Jewish All Stars Premiere Party, comprising Orthodox Jews who have reached the pinnacle of their professions.

“Being Orthodox does not need to preclude or prevent a successful life in the secular world,” she said on Thursday. 

“If you have the belief and dedication, if you do the hard work, nothing should really stop you…At the end of the day I have found…that being frum doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve in the secular world, you just have to believe it.”

Attendees included top chef Alex Reznik, self-made billionaire and hedge-fund manager Henry Swieca, Disney director Saul Blinkoff, ping-pong phenomenon Estee Ackerman, and 360i chief executive Sarah Hofstetter. 

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