Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli

Jewish boys’ dreams were once more put on-hold this week, when Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli tied the knot near Haifa for the second time.

Her big day was preceded by A-list histrionics, the bride reportedly insisting on a no-fly zone over the wedding venue – a wish at first granted by the country’s civil aviation authority, before the intervention of ministers.

Refaeli, 30, who is well-known for having dated actor Leonardo DiCaprio, married multi-millionaire businessman Adi Ezra at a Carmel Forest resort, with 300 friends and family in attendance and only authorised aircraft allowed to fly overhead.

The no-fly furore sparked a public disagreement between transport minister Israel Katz and the aviation authority head Joel Feldschuh, with Katz threatening Feldschuh with his job if he did not keep the skies open. Israeli media outlets even dubbed Bar’s wedding “the battle of the sky”.

The couple had argued that a no-fly zone was needed for safety reasons, given that they had planned to film the big day using five drones, two helicopters and a hot air balloon. Drone-use among the paparazzi is now widespread, meaning that aerial congestion over the resort would have presented a risk of collision, they said.