Footage has emerged of an Arsenal fan singing a sickening anti-Semitic chant.

The video – which was sent to the Jewish News by a fan – was filmed shortly before the Gunners’ Europa League match against Italian side AC Milan in Italy on Thursday evening. The clip followed the man on his way to the match, as he sung the vile chant, which included: “gas them all”.

The fan, who wished to remain anonymous said he’s reported the incident to the club, adding: “I would unhappily say that this is the worst piece of football-related racial hatred I have ever seen.”

A spokesman for Action Against Discrimination, a charity set up to combat racism in football, said: “In the light of anti-Semitic abuse reported by Robert Preston, the anti-Semitism task force established by Roman Abramovich, numerous and ongoing reports of recent claims of racism in football stadiums, the problem goes on unabated. This – Arsenal fans continuing to chant anti-Semitic songs at football matches – is merely the latest example.

“Once again, we implore the relevant bodies to look at this [latest example] and to take swift and appropriate action.”