Credit @IsraelMFA.

Credit @IsraelMFA.

The Argentine government has now said it will declassify all the intelligence documents about the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, which has been blamed on Hezbollah.

The attack, which killed 29 people, is the second such incident to be opened to public scrutiny, after the government last month said it would also declassify records relating to the 1994 bombing of the city’s Jewish centre, which killed 84 people. 

Iranian agents have been blamed for the 1994 attack, but they have never been brought to justice, despite public demands to do so. 

The demand for transparency grew urgent earlier this year. Argentina’s Jewish community cried foul after the mysterious death of a federal prosecutor who was investigating a 1994 terrorist attack and who had accused the country’s president Christina Fernandez de Kirchner of a cover-up.

Alberto Nisman, who was investigating a 1994 terrorist attack, was due to testify hours before he was found dead in his bathroom, despite having an armed guard.