A bus stop has been vandalised with ‘obscene’ anti-Semitic graffiti, including the scrawling of “too many yids – f**k off”.

Hateful messages were daubed in Amhurst Park in Stamford Hill, an area with a significant Orthodox Jewish population, on Tuesday.

The neighbourhood watch group Shomrim posted an image of the vandalism on Twitter, which has been reported to the police.

“Police in Hackney were informed via social media @MetCC of anti-semitic graffiti on a bus stop in Amhurst Park, N16 at 1826hrs on Tuesday, 22 August”, a spokesperson for the Met told Jewish News.

“The local policing team are working to capture the images and remove the grafitti in partnership with the local authority.”

Shomrim describe it as “anti-Semitic graffiti & [a] picture of a man with a moustache”, and also claim there is a logo of banned far-right group ‘National Action’. It is unclear if the logo is that of the neo-Nazi group however, or if the logo is related to the accompanying anti-Semitic message beside it.

Speaking to Jewish News, Rabbi Herschel Gluck, president of Stamford Hill Shomrim, said: “It is shocking to see this obscene graffiti, especially in a neighbourhood where a large number of people and their close relatives have suffered during the Holocaust. I trust that all people of good will, will join me in condemning this, unreservedly.”