Anti-Israel author Gilad Atzmon has hit out at venues in Newcastle and Edinburgh for cancelling his book launch events at the last minute.

Israeli-born Atzmon had been due to speak about his new book ‘Being in Time’ at The Cluny in Newcastle on Monday and at The Lighthouse in Edinburgh later this week, when he was told they venues were cancelling.

In a statement, the owner of The Lighthouse said: “Gilad Atzmon has chosen to share a stage with holocaust deniers and has failed to distance himself from far-right individuals and groups who have used his own words to justify their anti-Semitism.”

The owner also noted that the event coincided with the Jewish festival of Shavuot, “and as a result many Jewish individuals who might have wanted to attend to challenge would not be able to do so.

Atzmon said the reasoning of the Edinburgh venue, which describes itself as a ‘radical bookstore,’ was “an insult to intelligence,” adding: “So ‘radicals’ allow free speech, but only to those with whom they agree. This is not exactly a plan for popular resistance, more a guide to ghetto building.”