Israel critic Jackie Walker, the former vice-chair of the left-wing Momentum group, is to attend a disciplinary investigation meeting on Friday.

Walker made inflammatory comments at a meeting in an anti-Semitism training event in September, complaining that Holocaust Memorial Day did not represent victims of other genocides, and saying she had not yet found a definition of the world’s oldest hatred with which she could work.

In a Facebook post this week, she revealed that her first disciplinary investigation meeting with Labour’s Compliance Unit would be held on Friday, and implied that the result was pre-determined.

She wrote: “A fair hearing after the Jewish Labour Movement, the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Chronicle, a number of other Jewish newspapers and Labour MPs have made clear what they think should happen? I’m feeling pretty positive…”

Shortly after she made the comments, which were covertly recorded by a participant, she was removed from the position of vice-chair of Momentum, an influential grassroots group which has propelled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to two leadership election wins.

Walker, a longstanding campaigner against racism with Jewish-African heritage, had earlier infuriated the Jewish community by stating that Jewish merchants were chief financiers in the African slave trade.