Photo credit to Janette Beckman -

Photo credit to Janette Beckman –

Morris Beckman, one of the founding members of the British anti-fascist 43 Group, has died aged 94.

Mr Beckman passed away from bronchial pneumonia on 24 May, leaving behind a proud legacy of fighting fascism at home and abroad.

After serving with the Merchant Navy during the Second World War, in which he survived two torpedo attacks, he became instrumental in the 43 Group’, made up of Jewish ex-servicemen.

The organisation engaged in activities to disrupt British fascism, confronting far-right groups on the streets of London.

Speaking to Jewish News, his son Jonathan Beckman said: “I am proud of what dad achieved with the 43 Group. After fighting fascism abroad he came home to find British fascists at his front door. I’d like to think I would have done the same thing.”

As a former member of the Merchant Navy, Beckman had strong links with the Association of Jewish ex-Serviceman (AJEX).

National Chairman of AJEX, Brian Bloom, paid tribute to Mr Beckman as being a ‘very brave man.’ He said the role was ‘terribly dangerous’, with a very high casualty rate.

Bloom told Jewish News: “Without people like Morris risking their lives, we wouldn’t have had ammunition or food. We would have lost the war, and as Jews in the UK, we wouldn’t have been alive today.”

“We can’t even express how much thanks we all owe.”

Morris Beckman leaves a younger brother Andrew, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

His funeral takes place at Bushey cemetery on Wednesday.