An anti-abortion group has been accused of “softcore Holocaust denial”,
after comparing a politician to Adolf Hitler.

Precious Life, based in Northern Ireland, published an image on Facebook of the Nazi dictator alongside former Alliance Party Justice Minister David Ford, who they say is putting forward a “private bill to legalise abortion.”

The caption on the post claims Ford “wants to do exactly the same to unborn babies considered have a fatal foetal abnormality”, as Adolf Hitler did to victims of his eugenics programme.”

A CST spokesperson condemned Precious Life’s post,saying:  “People making  Hitler and Nazi comparisons are deliberately using the horrors these things evoke, in order to get a little bit more publicity for their own
cause. It is a deeply immoral abuse of pain and memory, usually premised on the suffering of the Holocaust, but actually many millions of non-Jews also suffered and died because of the evils of Nazism: so it should concern everyone, not just Jews.”

The Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “The debate over abortion should be had without such cheap shots which diminish the Holocaust in what might be called softcore’ Holocaust denial. Adolf Hitler was not a pro-choice campaigner, he was the ultimate author of the Holocaust. Precious Life ought to be ashamed of itself.”

Precious Life have been approached for comment.

A screenshot of the post by Precious Life

A screenshot of the post by Precious Life