The Israeli ambassador has told British Reform Jews to “see the glass as half full” after concerns were expressed to him about Israel’s attitude to pluralism and the obstruction of an egalitarian area at the Western Wall.

Ambassador Mark Regev was speaking at the Reform Judaism Council meeting at the Sternberg Centre on Sunday, in conversation with Senior Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, answering questions from representatives of 35 Reform communities.
Responding to questions about the position of progressive Judaism in Israel, he urged members to view the glass as being “half full,” noting a dynamic and momentum that is moving in the right direction. He said Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has condemned inflammatory and delegitimising statements.
Asked about the moribund peace process, he said there was good news in that Israel was now talking to more Arab governments than ever before, describing relations with Egypt and Jordan as “warm and intimate”.
In thanks, Janner-Klausner presented him with a signed letter from Sir Moses Montefiore as “a gift and an emblem of respect and love” from Reform Judaism.