Nine women waded through mud, ran through electric shocks and plunged into ice cold water as they raised nearly £10,000 for charity by completing the Tough Mudder challenge.

Described as being “probably the toughest obstacle course on the planet”, Anna Schuchman, Charlotte Wikler, Emma Gray, Mich Preston, Debbie Tenenblat, Leora Unsdorfer, Chaja Green, Sarah Myers and Debra Corney negotiated their way past 24 obstacles over the 12-mile course, all to raise money for two charities close to their heart – Jewish Women’s Aid and SANDS.

Training for the past five months, Schuchman, who led the team and runs Ace Lifestyle & Fitness, said: “We scaled walls, ran under barbed wire, it was a day full of physical and mental challenges which left us with aches, pains, lumps, cuts and bruises, but the most incredible day full of fun, laughter and teamwork! We hope we’ve raised awareness as well as money for these two incredible charities.

“The fact that we were able to raise money for those that don’t choose to put themselves in challenging situations made it all the more meaningful and worthwhile and I feel so proud of how our family and friends have come together to raise awareness and essential funds to help women and their families.”

JWA’s Chief Executive Naomi Dickson said “These women are amazing! We are so very grateful to them for putting themselves through all that training and challenge, to support Jewish women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse, their achievement is really impressive.”