Al-Jazeera has failed to remove a barrage of anti-Semitism and even online incitement to violence that followed its investigation into London’s Israeli Embassy.

The broadcaster was yesterday alerted by Jewish News to the racist postings that includes conspiracy theories about Israel and 9/11, vile references to the Holocaust and claims Israel controls US and UK politics. The comments – which contravene the broadcaster’s own rules – were were among 230 posts under an online article about the six-month sting in which an Israeli Embassy employee was filmed talking about ‘taking down’ foreign minister Alan Duncan.

One user said the ‘British turn to warm up the gas chambers again”, while another wrote “a good K yke is a gassed K yke”. A further reader added: “And your point, Jew boy? I remember my gran pappy telling me how he used to cut the noses off K ykes before kicking them into the ovens. I love my gran pappy very much.”

“Israel knew about 9/11,” offered another user of the site. “But Jews own america and have brainwashed America.”

tweetThere was even an example of incitement to violence in the string. “Kill and burn any Israeli or Israeli supporter along with their families. Any Israeli pig left should be sent back to his/her pig farm in Europe.”

Some postings also target Arabs, Muslims and Pakistanis.

Many of the comments have been online for more than three days despite the fact Al-Jazeera’s site’s community rules state “racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive will not be tolerated. There is a difference between criticizing a government, organisation or belief and attacking people because of their race, gender, sexual orientation or religion”.

A Community Trust Spokesman said: “It is no surprise that a programme like this will excite Jew-haters and conspiracy fantasists, as shown in the comments chain.”

UPDATE: The comments thread was suspended on 12 January, two days after Jewish News first brought it to the attention of the channel.