Kayla Sussman, sponsored silence for World Jewish Relief's Refugee Crisis Appeal

Kayla Sussman, sponsored silence for World Jewish Relief’s Refugee Crisis Appeal

by Stephen Oryszczuk

Keeping quiet is easier not said than done, as every Jew knows, but for a Year 5 Akiva School pupil it was a matter of principle – so she could raise money for refugees.

Kayla Sussman’s sponsored silence for World Jewish Relief smashed the little girl’s £500 target, raising over £1,150 to support Syrian refugees who have had to flee their home into neighbouring states.

“Those who know me knew this wouldn’t be easy,” said Kayla, who stayed shtum between Friday bed-time until Sunday morning. “It was really hard because there was so much I wanted to say!” Jews everywhere sympathised.

The charity was delighted – and impressed – with the young student’s efforts. “There’s no way I could keep quiet for that long,” said WJR’s Community Engagement Coordinator Samantha Martin.

“We’re all so proud of what Kayla has done. The money Kayla raised will provide refugee children her age with school kits helping them continue their education.”