AJEX’s annual parade from November

Jewish ex-servicemen have blasted the “deeply upsetting” decision to hire Nazi-uniformed actors at a VE Day commemoration event in Yorkshire.

Brian Bloom, chairman of the Association of Jewish Servicemen & Women (AJEX), said: “The sight of Nazi uniformed individuals was deeply upsetting. The arrogant expression on the faces of the re-enactors is a chilling reminder to us that there are people who still idolise the Nazis and what they stood for. ”

Some men turned up to the family event dressed as feldgendarmerie, German World War II military police who helped the SS to round up Jews.

Bloom added: “It is disturbing that the organisers saw fit to invite them to attend in the first place. Britain was never invaded, there were never German boots on our soil, so we fail to see how this can provide balance – only provocation.”