Inspired by an Oscar-nominated film, activists against anti-Semitism have raised thousands of pounds in an effort to place three billboards outside the headquarters of the Labour Party.

Days after setting up an appeal for donations on an online crowd-funding platform, a group calling themselves the ‘Community United against Labour Party Antisemitism’, or Culpa, had raised £3,403 out of their goal of £4,500 .

The money would put billboards outside Labour’s headquarters on Victoria Street in central London – and the money has so far come from approximately 100 donors.

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has faced criticism over an alleged failure to counter a proliferation of anti-Semitic rhetoric in the party’s ranks.


The Culpa appeal for donations does not say what messages would be displayed on the billboards but it does include three short sentences: “Corbyn is a friend of dictators and terrorists,” “Enough is enough. He needs to go. #CorbynOutNow,” and: “The Labour Party has no future under Jeremy Corbyn.”

Corbyn called Hezbollah and Hamas his friends in 2009 and said it was an honour to host representatives from those terrorist groups in parliament. He has vowed to kick out any Labour member caught making racist or anti-Semitic statements. Dozens were kicked out but many others accused of these actions were allowed to stay or were re-admitted.

Earlier this month, Corbyn was found to have been a member for two years of a Facebook group that featured Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic rhetoric. He denied knowing about the content.

On Sunday, two Jewish lawmakers in of Haringey said that Momentum activists routinely target them with anti-Semitic comments online.