Reform Judaism Conversion Weekend 2016

Participants at the Reform Judaism Conversion Weekend 2016

Twenty people explored their journeys into Judaism, during Reform’s second ‘conversion’ residential weekend. 

Taking place in Nottingham, the event gave those considering conversion to Judaism, in the process of it, or having already completed it, a chance to examine their new faith in an open and safe environment. 

The weekend, which follows the inaugural event in 2014, was organised by Rabbi Jackie Tabick, the convenor of the Reform Judaim’s religious court. It was also attended by Leeds and Hampstead rabbis’ Esther Hugenholtz and Larry Tabick.

Rabbi Hugenholtz said: “Empowering those on the journey to conversion with warm and sacred community, challenging learning and questioning, accessible prayer as well as great food and stimulating conversations was a fantastic experience for all of us.”

One participant praised the weekend’s “warm and welcoming atmosphere”, describing it as “open and non-judgemental, affirming, reassuring and full of joy”.